So... After a lot of preparation and with great expectations, Spectral Core rebranded to EQUEL last year. Fantastic name and fantastic domain we have used on and off for some 10 years now. What could go wrong?

It turns out - several things. The most important realization is that I have vastly underestimated the power of Spectral Core brand. We have been on the market for 25 years and built software that is both respected and well-known in the industry and within our customer base.

Now that we have moved into enterprise space, partnering with large organizations and getting into high-value deals, brand actually matters in more ways than I was aware. For example, people were wondering if we have been acquired. Many partners were still referring to us as Spectral Core, or used both names at once. What should have been move into a stronger and more recognizable brand was actually an obvious weakening of our brand.

I have decided to fix this in one sweep by reverting back to Spectral Core brand. Equel will come again, in a different form. I have many plans and the future is very exciting.

More news to come - soon!