Spectral Core becomes Equel!

Spectral Core becomes Equel!

We are growing! Our press release follows:

Spectral Core Unveils the Rebranding and Introduces Ultra-performing Products for Data Engineers

Pula, Croatia – Spectral Core, a leading, fully independent provider of unique database tooling, is thrilled to announce a significant milestone with a comprehensive rebranding effort and a new product launch. Equel, the new umbrella brand of Spectral Core, celebrates 20 years of business excellence and reflects our commitment to innovate, grow, and stay dedicated to empowering data engineers worldwide.

Its first flagship product, Full Convert, the cross-database conversion tool, was initially designed as a time and budget-efficient solution for small businesses. It quickly made its way to the hearts of data engineers in Fortune 500 companies, governments, and IT consulting firms serving professionals in 98 countries and any data-driven industry you can imagine.

The company’s second release, Omni Loader, accelerates on-prem and cloud database migration at scale using our enterprise-grade cloud database migration solution. Equel has built it while listening carefully to the industry demand for a faster, more reliable, self-tuning database migration tool. Since its launch, Omni Loader has accelerated massive database migration for world-leading IT consulting firms and large enterprises' in-house projects.

As the company embarks on this new chapter, Equel is excited to introduce Hummingbird SQL Parser, Semantic SQL parsing & analysis API. Hummingbird SQL parser is super-fast and handles the full scope of complex database-specific SQL dialects. This REST API opens it up for you. Hummingbird SQL Parser is now open for interested users on a waiting list. Join it today!

Equel has evolved into a dynamic force within the industry. This rebranding initiative showcases the company's commitment to staying ahead of the curve and providing exceptional solutions that meet the changing needs of data engineers.

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Damir Bulic, CEO of Equel, expressed his enthusiasm for the rebranding and product launch: "At Equel, we are driven by a passion for liberating our customers from the silos, as well as surfacing the insights from the existing codebases using our custom-built state of the art parsing and semantic analysis technology."

About Equel: Equel, a brand of Spectral Core, is a fully independent and fully distributed team building state-of-the-art database software since 2004, specializing in solutions for seamless database migration, empowering organizations to unleash the full potential of their data. Whether you need to convert, translate, or accelerate your database migration, our comprehensive solutions deliver exceptional results, enabling you to streamline operations with minimum downtime and workforce. We build to perform.

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