About us

Let me introduce ourselves and the products we are working on. Blogging has been on my mind for a decade, but I never could really get it started. No more!

About us

We are Spectral Core, a small company dedicated to making outstanding database applications.

As a CEO of Spectral Core, I've been planning to blog for a decade now, but, also being a developer, it always seemed better to work on our applications. Writing is hard, or at least, it requires more effort. As a productivity hack, I purchased database.blog domain to force myself into starting a blog. :)

I can't count number of occasions when our customers mentioned they accidentally found us on the web and wondered why aren't we more present. Yeah, developers develop and don't market - but it's stupid. You can make the greatest engineering achievement and struggle if nobody knows about it.

Let's start with what are we doing - and why. Our story.

Some 15 years ago, I needed to import some files into ERP I've been working on. Made a quick tool in a day or so and solved the issue. Then I thought - why wouldn't I expand this into a real product? I added support for 5-6 database formats, and, just for kicks, implemented a macro recording feature and in-app database transformation functionality. That product, Full Convert,  still lives and is still our flagship product. During the years, most of the time I was a single engineer and development was primarily driven by user feedback.

Single most requested "feature" was migration of stored procedures. So one day I started working on it. Little did I know this is hard. Long story short, as someone who had a lot of free time (perks of product-based business) and someone who loves interesting challenges and is was pretty much not interested in business side, I went straight in. It took a while (a lot longer than expected I can say), but we now have extremely performant and powerful in-house designed SQL parser, static analyzer, testing engine, parallel data loader, heterogeneous database schema, streaming dataset comparison and replication - and more.

For now, I will just casually mention projects we are working on. Juraj and I will start diving into details soon.

  • SQL Studio - in-browser database manager
  • SQL Tribe - SQL learning and community
  • SQLTRAN - schema and data migration done right