Online Database Migration (first look)

Online Database Migration (first look)

Our customers convert massive databases with Full Convert. We are rarely talking about less than a million records, and some customers are converting dozens of billions of records in a single run.

People with small tables and databases can't afford to pay us $700-$3000 for a powerful migration software and resort to subpar solutions. So I thought, as these people aren't spending money with us, why not help them get their data out of the existing solution and into their desired database - for free? This builds goodwill, helps people with a need, and possibly will come to us when they need what we have to offer.

Here is the initial screen, still a work in progress:

Work in progress. Initially, we have 14 source and 32 target formats!

The idea is simple - upload your existing database file, tell us where do you want it and we will allow you to download your target database file, ready for use.

Now, as this is going to be a completely free public service and run on our servers where we actually have to pay for the resources, we are going to limit the amount of data we are going to migrate. Initially, we will limit this to a single file at a time, up to 5000 records, up to 1MB in size. Also, initially, we will generate a simple SQL script that creates a table and inserts the data. Further down the line, we will prepare a ready-to-use database, not a script used to create it.

I sincerely hope people will find this very useful. There are online tools that do this, but they are really limited. If there will be enough interest, we will expand on this idea and make a fully online solution that covers far more databases and very large tables.